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December 27, 2015

My ruminating as the year ebbs out: As 2016 approaches, with clear and certain identifiable challenges, we have, albeit sometimes limited, some empowering choices we can make.
The first is to acknowledge at a base level we don’t often choose the major cards we are dealt, like health and general safety – but if we understand we’re dealt the hand, we are then liberated to choose how to play it as best we can.
For me, the most empowering first decision to make is to actively choose a positive perspective (so throw out that negative card and pick up a new one) – this in itself makes the year more exciting and fuels it with optimism.
I have already met a number of woe-is-me’yers as we head towards 2016.

One thing is clear – if you choose (and it is indeed a choice) to head into this coming year with a negative perspective, it definitely won’t fail to disappoint.

We have a rocky financial and political year ahead (inter-related mostly) as our president & his cronies repeatedly score own goals on the nations behalf. This has been a backdrop to our lives since 2008 so there’s truly nothing new here. We can choose to be a victim by wringing our hands and bemoaning our fate – or we can do something positive, active and constructive about it.
To challenge, agitate and act wherever and however we can to make things better.

My major action around this particular concern, will be to join thousands of others to empower the mass voters of South Africa around meaningful, apolitical and constructive voter education. If people are informed of the objective facts in what builds and sustains a country and economy and by natural implication, their lives, then they can make a more educated choice when they cast their vote – wherever they may be. Not a choice based purely only on historic alignment, potential bribery or community/party fear.

It is acknowledged that the country has significantly failed (intentionally or not) to meaningfully educate voters. This we must all get behind changing going forward. 🇿🇦

So, 2016 is going to be another exciting year with hopefully lots of opportunity for fun, laughter, meaningful moments and fresh challenges.
Let’s make the most of the hand we are dealt and wherever possible, throw in the cards we don’t want and take a chance on the new ones. Wishing you all great health, happiness & prosperity! 🎉

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