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Save South Africa from its current trajectory πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

December 11, 2015

Save South Africa from its current trajectory. 
I need each and every one of you to read this and then hopefully respond by show of hands (likes) – but read it all as there is a string attached to the LIKE:
It’s fair to say that South Africa is at a final cross-road.
This week has taken us to an unimagined place where the President is literally holding our future, that of our children, our friends, our businesses, our country, hostage. The firing of Finance Minister Nene is simply a bridge too far. The implications of such a move, dire.
Some may view themselves as powerless – and therefore victims. Others, are hugely angry and frustrated, but don’t know how to respond.
Here’s a thought: the only way to fix South Africa in a sustainable manner is to get rid of the rot, end corruption and meaningfully alleviate poverty – and create real opportunity for disenfranchised South Africans. This is a “Build South Africa” Movement which will place education, FACTS and informed decisions at its very center.
I’m proposing that we develop a very powerful (non political party aligned) and sustained movement and campaign to educate the mass voters of South Africa – both urban and rural about what is actually happening in South Africa – how on the current trajectory, they stand less and less chance of getting quality education, quality services, a job (let alone a quality one) and a bright future. It needs to tackle the harsh realities of where the country is at – and what we can all do to help build it. They need to understand that populist promises of seizing land, businesses, mines etc will also help implode the country – and with it, their futures. They need to just look around at the millions of “illegal immigrants” and “economic refugees” from neighboring African countries to understand where this avoidance or ignorance to these challenges can lead a country.
I suggest we set up a Trust, it will be incredibly tightly managed via attorneys – and we raise huge funds to both launch and sustain this campaign which will not only be through advertising but through actually visiting these key areas and educating everyone – from the most financially challenged, upward.
It’s a Movement around our strong and unique South African values – and all the economic and other pulleys and levers to create meaningful change but within a framework that guarantees success. It will enshrine Nelson Mandela’s hopes and dreams for this country – as enshrined within our magnificent constitution.
The campaign brief will be made available to all. It’s not in any way an M&C SAATCHI ABEL initiative but open to all my friends and I would love all my mates in the ad industry to also come up with ideas and get behind this Movement.
So, by show of hands (likes) who of you will DONATE funds to support this drive and initiative. I know many of you have vast resources – or access to such through family and friends. I will contribute meaningfully too – so I’ll be the first to LIKE it. I also understand one person’s R100 is another person’s R10 000 and another’s R1million. So you will not be judged at all on contribution – just give what you believe you can. And to our many friend’s overseas with family, friends, investments etc in South Africa, please join us in saving this “Beloved Country”.
With enough support we can change our world – and that of those most in need. 
Who is in? Worth pursuing?

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  1. December 11, 2015 4:25 pm

    I am in.

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