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Tony Koenderman’s Brainstorm

October 28, 2010
Tony Koenderman’s Brainstorm

I recently opened Tony Koenderman’s Brainstorm conference with a presentation on the current challenges facing the communications industry. It attempts, uncomfortable as it is, to address some of the real truths both clients and agencies are facing. I have had a lot of requests for the presentation so here’s a link to it which I’ve posted on slideshare. I’ve expressly made it relatively self-explanatory, but if there are gaps, apologies for not attaching my speakers notes.

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  1. Melody permalink
    November 9, 2010 12:49 pm

    Great presentation Mike.

    I liken this “shakeup” to a similar one which happened in the financial services industry. Its what separates the professionals from the “smouse” when you can put your money where your mouth is. It also goes a long way in terms of lending more professional credibility to the industry in terms of having business partners with a vested interest in providing those measurable returns as opposed to solution/”product” pushers who have the luxury to walk away after producing award winning creative work without actually having solved the client problem. It also builds….TRUST!

    Its a pity that the industry that most people look towards to lead innovation is actually trailing behind as laggards.

    As always, wish you guys every success. I am sure that as an “early adopter” you guys will grow from strength to strength as you build mutually beneficial business relationships with your clients.



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